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Matt Selby – Birmingham

As an ex professional athlete (Ice Hockey Captain – Coventry Blaze) I felt I was educated about nutrition and exercise. However, I found myself in an unhealthy place where I was burnt out and frustrated with my lifestyle and habits I had created. I was mentally fatigued from a repetitive vicious cycle of binging excessively in the evening then fasting all day due to self frustration and punishing myself in the gym with daily full body workouts to compensate for my bad relationship with food and binge eating behaviours that had spiralled out of control and became a bigger concern as we came into a nationwide lockdown.

Through recommendation from Nick and Nat both who have coached online with Prea, I began working with Prea on her 12 week Nutrition Plan. Prea took the time to learn about me, my lifestyle, my relationship with food and behaviours to then support with with a personalised Nutrition Plan and educated me about mindset, nutrition, adopting a healthy relationship with food and creating a structured resistance training plan to suit my goals. This allowed me to create healthy sustainable habits and structure to suit my lifestyle.

In the 12 weeks, I not only formed a healthy relationship with food, conditioned behaviours to me personally and my lifestyle such as a structured eating regime, I also learnt to enjoy breakfast and balanced meals with a structured protein split to promote muscle protein synthesis which supports and fitness and exercise goals to build more muscle tissue. I now enjoy my food and structured training methods which have now become second nature.

I really enjoyed working with Prea her service, care, attention to detail was second to none and I learnt an incredible amount from her in my weekly check-in feedbacks and coaching calls.

I highly recommend working with Prea if you would like to get results and more importantly get educated in a way that you understand allowing you to create healthy sustainable lifestyle changes to suit your lifestyle.

Personalised Nutritional Plan

Matt Selby

Mario Coelho – London

I have received a LIFE CHANGING experience and transformation after working online with Prea, following my Personalised Training and Nutrition – Elite Level, my knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition is amazing… Knowledge is power and I learnt this in JUST 12 WEEKS!

Prior to working with Prea, desperate to lose weight I was exercising 1-2 hours a day almost every day and deliberately walking c20,000 steps a day…. and this was just not sustainable. I was training hard, and then compensating by over eating, and then training again, in a “binge and bust” cycle… my wife was worried. I achieved weight / fat loss but was miserable as this was not enjoyable or healthy!

I joined Prea’s 12 WEEK Elite Plan all personalised to me, my life, my time available, my goals… Prea provided me with a structured Training Plan to just 4 gym sessions a week and halved my step count to 10,000 which was far more sustainable and ENJOYABLE.

My coaching calls with Prea taught me a lot especially about nutrition. Prea provided me with a flexible dieting plan which allowed me to eat ALL the foods I love including chocolate, YES… Prea, also included a bag of malteasers on my example meal plan. I now understand ENERGY BALANCE. Knowledge is power!

I achieved visible results in just 2 weeks, which was encouraging and helped me to develop a cadence of training and eating that was sustainable. I developed a new mindset when it came to nutrition and I now enjoy a varied diet which incorporates lots of good whole foods but also allows for chocolates, cakes, pizza etc.. the 80/20 approach. I learned that it is possible to eat whatever you want, as long as you are able to balance your intakes over a period of time, in the right nutritional proportions. Not once during the programme did I ever feel I was on a “diet” – I was just learning how to eat responsibly ! This included being on holiday in Thailand, and Christmas and New Year – I just was able to chose the right foods, and had as much fun as everyone else… while losing weight / body fat which was my goal.

Along with that, I learnt a lot about exercise routines, and how these can be harnessed to lose fat, and build lean muscle. I know feel fitter, stronger and healthier with a balanced life. I am so much more confident in myself too.

Prea has been an amazing online coach, she is always there, always responsive, proactive, and it is clear she has a massive passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, covering body, soul and mind.

These are life changing skills which will be with me forever.

I am extremely happy with the results; absolutely delighted – and so is my wife!

I am getting so many compliments from colleagues, family and friends – every day someone says something.

I need to buy new clothes, everything is just too big for me now – a nice problem to have.

Anyone can do this – all you need is Education, Support and Determination! Prea’s coaching is remarkable and the community is great. My only regret is that I should have done this years ago. Looking back , the cost is insignificant and worth every penny. Return on Investment is infinite and immeasurable. Thank you Prea Fitness for this life changing experience !

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Mario C

Lucy Stevens – Cambridge

YES.. In JUST 11 WEEKS even with 2 HOLIDAYS (a total of 18 nights away in Turkey), Lucy has achieved an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION and I am very grateful for Lucy allowing me to share her progress so far to help inspire and motivate others of what is achievable.

Lucy started online coaching with me just 1.5 weeks before her first holiday in which gave me enough time to ensure Lucy was well educated with the right Nutrition for her body and her goals. Like the majority of clients Lucy picked up the art of flexible dieting through my coaching. Flexible dieting is the the approach I teach all my clients as it allows people to create fat loss without restricting ANY foods out of their diet.

As Lucy has a very busy lifestyle she has followed a Personalised Home Based Training Plan created to allow her to achieve her goals in her own home with time available to suit her lifestyle. Lucy is continuing to work with me to achieve her goals.

Throughout Lucy’s holiday’s Lucy also consumed alcohol and kept active following her Personalised Training Plan. During these 11 weeks there has also been 1 week were Lucy had not exercised due to being unwell yet Lucy has achieved a great transformation at a healthy sustainable and enjoyable pace.

I respect my clients privacy before sharing their progress so I am extremely grateful to Lucy for allowing me to help, support, motivate and inspire others that no matter what your goals are, where you are in journey and what time and resources you have available… YOU CAN ACHIEVE, IT ALL STARTS WITH BELIEVING!!!

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Lucy S

Mo Jogee – Leeds (Phase 1)

What can I say simply blown away with the results and huge thank you for your support and guidance it’s been huge! Investing in my health and wellbeing has been the best investment I could have made. I always say how can anybody put a price on their health it’s just BONKERS in my eyes.

I have learnt SO MUCH with regards to health, fitness, exercise and nutrition and I have now conditioned good health and fitness habits thanks to you…

Now to start my next phase of building lean muscle which I am super excited and about.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Mo J.

Mo Jogee – Leeds (Phase 2)

After achieving an amazing fat loss transformation Mo continued to worked with me for a further 12 week period where we focussed on building muscle and again Mo achieved a great transformation through following my personalised online coaching plans.

My first 12 weeks laid a solid foundation for my next 12 week muscle building phase which has been a massive success through the guidance & support of Prea (the wizard) who helped me gain lean muscle mass whilst keeping my waist tight.In 12 weeks I added a solid 10lbs of muscle and weight and my body is firing and reacting to all the different stimulus that Prea had set out for me which helped in achieving my best results yet. As a coach Prea gave me the personal 121 attention and detail required for my own specific requirements and helped me lose around 5 lbs in 7 days to get me lean for my holidays hence the name wizard as she has plenty of tricks up her sleeves.

As always Prea will make sure and check in with you regularly to see your on track and need help with anything so slacking is NOT an option!Now onto the next 6 months of building my physique and improving further. Am going on my own then come to back to Prea to cut down the fat.

The amount of knowledge I’ve gained in the last 24 weeks with Prea is priceless as I exactly know what my body requires and behaves which I’ve learnt through Prea’s advice and coaching.

Final words from me “Ask your-self how can you put a price on your health?”

Thank you,

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Mo J.

Mazie Clarke-Daley – London

It was an absolute pleasure to have Prea as my online coach and mentor over the past 12 weeks, I am so happy with my transformation and the knowledge I have for life!

With Prea’s help and advice, I have managed to make quality life changes to my diet and lifestyle and look after my whole family, we all feel amazing and are so happy.

Prea is truly a fantastic online coach,  I would truly recommend online coaching with Prea to anyone who would like to feel simply amazing and learn about nutrition and exercise.  Thanks for all your help and support.

You may use my photos to support and encourage other people who would like to change their lives.

Love always,


Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Mazie CD

Darren Bullock – Somerset

I worked with Prea for 6 months as my goal was to reverse the diabetes/high blood pressure I had been diagnosed with. We set an initial training plan and nutritional plan to start me off, and over the following months as my fitness increased, so did the plan.

The regular check-ins and pictures help you to see how you are doing, and I’m pleased to say that within 6 months I managed to reverse both the diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you are thinking of getting fit and healthy, Prea is your personal trainer to go to as her plans, motivation, help, enthusiasm will get you where you want to be.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Darren B

Nick James – Birmingham

Nick’s goal was to build muscle, I worked with Nick to coach him in consuming the right amount of nutrition to support this goals.

I coached Nick in preparation for his holiday in Vegas with his wife Nattie who I also coached in both Nutrition and Training.

Nutrition Plan – Elite Level

Nick J

Rose Loader

I feel AWESOME! Since working with Prea my entire life has changed for the better and I am so happy.

I feel educated about nutrition and now feel in control of my body; how I look and how I feel. I now enjoy a flexible diet approach which incorporates all the foods I love including chocolate :).

I am also now more organised and prepared despite my busy lifestyle which is inconsistent and involves a lot of travelling. Prior to working with Prea I used to demonise food into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, since working with Prea I now  have a great relationship with food and understand the difference between more nutrient dense foods and calorie dense foods.

I have lost over 4 stone within 1 year and most importantly I feel great inside and out, which is more than I ever thought possible. The best part is that I haven’t had to cut out the foods I love, instead incorporated them into my eating routine. I am now much happier and confident within myself and I am excited to maintain this and live a healthier and better life.

Thank you so much for educating and coaching me together with all dedication and belief in me to achieve my transformation.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Rose Loader

Paul Lanfear – Leeds

I worked with Prea in the 12 weeks leading up to my 40th birthday. Prea helped set my goals and provided some really outstanding online resources to get me started. She then prepared a detailed personalised Training and Nutrition Plan and provided plenty of support and helpful information on the way.

I was absolutely delighted with the results which I achieved with Prea’s help and support and recommend her in the highest terms. Prea really does know what she is doing and is extremely committed to her clients.  Prea will not only devise your plans to accommodate you (in my case, with my home gym and all the equipment I have) but it was also very enjoyable to accommodate my diary and life. The Nutritional Plan was very clear and easy to follow and allowed me to eat all the foods I enjoy; everything in moderation. I also learnt so much along the way and found speaking to Prea very useful, Prea always responded very promptly to any of my queries.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Paul L

Neelam Verma – London

I have always exercised regularly but without any real structure. Although I was exercising regularly I was struggling to get the results I wanted; to lose body fat around my core.

Whilst on Prea’s 12 week programme learnt so much about nutrition and exercise and had structure to follow. I felt focussed with a training programme to suit my busy lifestyle and nutrition plan that offered me a lot of variety and worked with me dining out a lot which Prea created for me. The plan was an easy to follow simple system which I could easily fit into my busy schedule. Prea has so much drive and determination to help you succeed and achieve your results. My goal was to do a bikini photoshoot for my birthday which was an awesome achievement and non of that would have been possible without Prea’s help and programme.

I highly recommend working with Prea to achieve your goals.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Neelam V

Kanwal Moar – Cambridge

Kanwal is a busy surgeon who works shifts, travels A LOT with business and has a busy busy lifestyle. So if you feel that time is something you are short of I assure you, my role as a Coach is to ensure I find the best way to help you incorporate health and fitness into your lifestyle in a sustainable way.


I first worked with Prea as my 1-2-1 Personal Trainer back in 2012, which was an excellent experience. I have been working with Prea over the last 10 months as my Online Coach and I have achieved even better results (without even seeing her). Furthermore, my knowledge and education regarding Health and Fitness in terms of both Nutrition and Exercise has improved massively though my Coaching Calls with Prea, this education has been invaluable as I know understand the process for weight / fat loss.

Prea’s Personalised Nutrition and Training Plan has been tailored to my individual needs which has been great especially as I travel a lot with business. Prea has accommodated me throughout adjusting my plans for my lifestyle; home based when staying away with no gym etc.

It’s a BRILLIANT experience, and Prea has truly helped me transform! I am someone who had a lot of mindset issues, I hated the thought of exercise and did not want to get out of bed to work out and my mindset regarding nutrition was all wrong. I am now a new woman!

With Prea’s Online Coaching I have:

  • lost 10cm on my waistline
  • lost 13cm off my hips
  • lost over 80cm across my body measurements
  • I am OVER A STONE LIGHTER (18.5lbs / 8.4kg)

I look forward to my exercise and I love my food enjoying a well balanced diet easily with my even busy schedule through flexible dieting the approach taught by Prea. This means I can enjoy all the foods I love without eliminating anything including chocolate and wine.

I had doubted if this could work for me initially however Prea has really helped to understand how to fit health and fitness into my lifestyle so that it has because a way of life that now very much enjoy. I know understand how to make the right choices and get the best of out my body for my goals.

So how has Prea’s Online Coaching helped me exactly?

  1. I know how to meal plan and maintain a healthy, balanced diet without restricting ANY foods.
  2. I now look forward to exercising and and it’ been easy to make it part of my weekly routine no matter on my schedule.
  3. I have become stronger, leaner, fitter and much more confident about myself.
  4. I am enjoying wearing my nice clothes again – I’m even getting regular compliments now! ?
  5. I have really positive mindset about my health and health and fitness now fits into my life.

I am looking forward to my next phase with Prea and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive change in their health and wellbeing. If Prea can help me, she can help anyone!!!

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Kanwal M

Deborah Baraclough – Leeds

I had reached a point when I knew that I needed to take control of my health and wellbeing. I have health issues and these were being compounded by the fact that I had gone from a small size 12 to a large size 16 over a two year period.

Today as I write this testimonial I am wearing my size 12 jeans and that is all down to my wonderful Coach Prea.

Prea very quickly understood the problems I faced and created a personalised Nutrition and Training Plan that would fit my lifestyle and that would work around the medical issues that I face. Within a week of talking to Prea, and before the programme had actually started, I lost 5lbs just by making simple changes to my diet from 8 the success guides within my Welcome Pack provided upon joining.  Within 3 months I had lost 2 stone and the weight is still coming off as I work towards my goal of losing 4 stone in total.

I received weekly support  (sometimes daily) and when I struggled with my Training Programme (frequently!!) Prea was always there to offer a helping hand and advice (and the odd push!!). I also received weekly feedback on my check-ins and motivational texts and emails.

Prea leads by example but at the same time makes it very clear that we are all on our own journey.  Today my attitude to health and wellbeing is completely changed; it is no longer a fad or a diet but a way of life.  That change in mindset is all down to the fact that Prea’s attitude to health and fitness is infectious.

I would not have achieved these results without her support;  if you are looking to make serious changes to your health and lifestyle then I have no hesitation is suggesting that you contact Prea and ask her to help you too.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Deborah B

Tim F – London

I would unhesitatingly recommend Prea to anyone looking to make a real change to their lifestyle and fitness.  At the start of this year I was unhappy with my fitness, susceptibility to injury, and body shape.  I’ve had the willpower to do aggressive fitness regimes previously, achieving fat-loss but being unable to sustain it.  Prea helped me to change my body shape in a controlled and sustainable way – losing weight whilst building muscle.  I’ve also never had any useful understanding of nutrition or portion-control, so I’ve tended to yo-yo in fitness and body shape.

With Prea’s expert help and guidance (on the Elite plan) I have learned tools and techniques to give me a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition that I’ve never had before.  In 24 weeks I lost nearly 3 stone, despite gaining muscles that I’ve also never had before.  Only time will tell, but I feel like I now have the knowledge and techniques available to me to maintain a fit, health and balanced lifestyle in the long-term.

I can’t imagine anyone could be any better or more passionate about their work than Prea.  She listened and responded to any concerns or queries I had, and was quick to adjust my plans whenever required.  Nothing was too much trouble for Prea and she was attentive and easy to contact throughout.

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Tim F

Sweta Shah – London

Having been underweight my entire life I have worked with a few dieticians and tried a variety exercise routines but nothing ever helped me!

I have repeatedly had people saying things like “gaining weight is very easy”, “just eat more!”, “why do you need to exercise?”, “You are already very thin”, “you will disappear if you exercise!”

All this affected my confidence and my low weight was not only affecting my health but also started affecting my wealth, my blood pressure was reducing, my immunity was low which meant I was taking more and more time off from work.

Prea was an angel sent to me at the right time I needed her in my life!

Prea was tasked with helping me reach a normal BMI, normal weight, normal blood pressure. Not an easy task for someone like me!

I completed an online consultation which followed with a 1-2-1 consultation call with Prea to discuss my life, my lifestyle, my goals, my nutrition and personal dietary requirements, food likes . dislikes, exercise, time availability etc so Prea really understood me.

Prea then provided me with a personalised nutrition plan, teaching me a lot about me, my body,  such as calories and different macro and micronutrients; essentially how to eat a healthy balanced diet for  me, my body, my goals and my dietary requirements.

Prea also gave me a detailed personalised exercise plan to follow at home and in my home gym (with equipment available) which would fit my busy lifestyle.

I never realised till I met her that how badly I was eating (in such a caloric deficit leaving my body without nutrients) and how I was treating my body for the worse!

My Transformation:

After JUST 3 months, I am happy to say I put on 5 kgs and increased my overall body measurements by 31cms, and I have a healthy BMI! Yes! For the first time in my life, I reached a healthy BMI!

But most importantly I feel fitter and stronger! I cannot thank Prea enough!

What she said initially before I started the plan with her was right – The knowledge she gives you during those 3 months, lasts you an entire lifetime and now I am a confident person!
Thank you Prea from the bottom of my heart! X

Sweta Shah 

Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan – Elite Level

Sweta S

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