“Prea transformed me from a 30 stone plus bloke who struggled to walk 100 yards, into a bloke completing the Great North Run, 13.1 miles! She’s a fantastic trainer and motivator. I went from eating fast food, drinking too much beer, who never exercised, into training 5/6 days a week, running for a run club and loving it. Over 10 stone weight loss and a better outlook on life.”

Dale Clark

“I would like to share my training experience with Prea.  Trained for about a year. Prea was absolutely brilliant, she motivated and helped me to achieve my goals. Managed to build strength, lose fat, increase flexibility all with dodgy knee and tennis elbow. Exercised without injury or causing further pain. Really miss having you in Leeds Prea but glad to be working online with you… my virtual PT and Nutritionist. Thank you for all your support and motivation. You are one in a million.”

Veronica Reape

“I trained with Prea for over a year to improve my shape, weight and general health. She made the sessions fun and interesting using a wide range of equipment and exercises which I would otherwise never have dared to try. She motivated me with the perfect mixture of being tough when needed but also praising my efforts, especially when I really thought I couldn’t do anymore! Prea is energetic, committed and fun with a great sense of humour (much needed in my case). She has expert knowledge in all aspects of fitness and nutrition and shared tips to help me change the way I ate; she even text me midweek to find out how I was getting on. As a result I became fitter, stronger, leaner and motivated to work out on my own; all the aches and pains were worth it! I would wholeheartedly recommend Prea to anyone, whatever level of fitness.”

Katie Hamer

“I trained with Prea for over 2.5 years and what she taught me, about both exercise and nutrition was invaluable. I went from being someone who stuck to the same old cardio workout to someone who was confident lifting weights and stronger than I have ever been. I was in the best shape I have ever been in, so much so that within 3 months of having a baby I was back in my size 8 jeans. Prea managed me through my pre and post natal journey.

I can also confidently say that training with Prea whilst pregnant helped me to have a good pregnancy and I’m sure contributed to having such a healthy baby. I only stopped training with Prea due to moving away and I seriously miss her enthusiasm and ability to push me beyond what I thought I could do, whilst also making it quite fun.

Prea also has fab tips on eating a healthy but enjoyable diet, you could do worse than listen to what she has to say! I now continue this journey working through Prea’s online plans.

Lara Swales

Is now your time?  Are you ready to be the best you can be?

“I met and trained with Prea at Virgin Active, back in 2009-2010. I had had a baby in 2008, and was struggling with weight. After starting training with Prea, I worked on my muscles, learned proper techniques for different exercises, and learned the power of eating healthy!!!

I not only lost 20 kgs- I put on muscle, had more energy and changed my lifestyle for the better. As a family, we indulged in more outdoor activities and enjoyed more. Since moving to Canada I have continued to use the techniques and lessons I learnt from Prea and we are now able to work together through Prea’s online plans.

Thank you Prea, and way to go!!!”

Ritvy Sheoran

“I first met Prea about 5 years ago as I was approaching 60 and determined to be fit and healthy for my birthday. With Prea’s skill, patience and encouragement I celebrated the birthday in style by successfully running 10k!  Eventually Prea was training my husband and other family members, all with different health and fitness requirements. Prea adapted to everyone and customised programmes to suit individual needs and targets. She was always friendly, conscientious and supportive.”

Jan Ellis

“As a dancer with a dancing business I have always been fit and healthy with an active lifestyle. I wanted some personal training to build my strength to help my profession and to put me in the best possible shape I could be in. I met Prea and we connected as she took the time to understand me and my goals, understanding that I wanted to be lean but remaining feminine was extremely important to me. I trained with Prea 3 times a week for over a year and loved our time together, Prea always catered to my needs to ensure I enjoyed my training and achieved my results. I highly recommend Prea if you are looking to get lean but remain feminine; Prea…. You are the best! Thank you!”

Zoe Rebecca Craven

“I don’t even recognise myself anymore! I’ve conditioned my body, trained my mind, changed health and vitality from ‘should’ to ‘must’, dropped 2 stone of fat, reduced body fat by 16% and increased overall muscle mass and definition… all while travelling the world and working a very demanding schedule.”

Paul Preston

“Prea was massively supporting and encouraging during the time she was my personal trainer. I learnt so much about eating the correct foods and really gained in confidence.”

Tracy Catherall

“Prea is an energetic, positive PT who taught me to run as this was one of my family group goals; we all achieved this. Her positive outlook and realistic though challenging goals really helped me get into a regular training schedule – it is like training with a friend.”

Esme Hambley Lunken

Take the First Step Today!

“I trained with Prea for a couple of years and she has been the best personal trainer I’ve had. She helped me get fit and toned for my wedding and trained me throughout two pregnancies up to 37 weeks without injury. Pregnancy backpain was eased and I much fitter after the birth too. She is dedicated and enthusiastic during sessions. All my training was enjoyable and allowed me to achieve my goals. Prea will push you to your limits beyond what you ever thought you could achieve! As well as being a fantastic trainer she is also a lovely person and I thorough enjoyed training and learning form Prea.”

Kirsteen Briscoe

“I thoroughly enjoyed training with Prea – I’ve achieved things I never thought possible during my fitness journey with her – from having my mind open to nutritional benefits to taking part in many 10ks, half marathons and even a full marathon last November! Prea has helped me sculpt and tone my body and helped me make fitness and training part of my daily life which I love. Training with Prea is always so much fun! She pushes me further than I think I can go (and then some!) I always end the session on a complete endorphin high, loving life and wanting more! I couldn’t recommend her enough for anyone to achieve their dreams and transform their body! Being able to work online with Prea is great!”

Jenna Lee Alldread

“After initially starting training with Prea to improve my fitness and lose weight I became pregnant quite early into us working together. Prea altered my training immediately and kept my pregnancy a secret until I was ready to announce it. We worked on my pelvic floors, strength and endurance. I managed to keep standing for 71 hours of a 72 hour labour and I put this down to all those squats and leg work Prea put me through! Can’t recommend her enough for pre and post natal PT! I love working with Prea, she understands me.”

Clare Phillips

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