When setting goals, ensure they are SMART goals:
Time bound (can you track them)
It is easy to set unrealistic goals but this will most often lead to failure because the goals are unrealistic, unachievable and often mean you are doing too much too soon.
It is important to set goals, especially setting realistic goals and milestones along the way. 

  • What do I want, why?
  • What is the consequence / how will I feel not reaching these goals?


  • Set realistic targets – short term as well as the long term
  • It could be a holiday, a weekend away with your other half, your wedding or a celebration!

Visuals are great, pictures on your fridge of your holiday destination, the dress you want to get into, your dream body (I am on a lot of fridges now he he)


  • Keep your eyes on the prize; I have my vision of the photography
  • You could your screensaver set to your next holiday destination or the body of your dreams stuck onto your bathroom mirror (I am also on a lot of bathroom mirrors he he)
  • E.g. If your end goal is to lose 2 dress sizes, think about the shorter term goals to get there
    • focus on getting the nutrition right
    • learn what to eat and when
    • learn about the best training for you
    • ensure you are taking the right supplements

Then when all this is in place to fit in with your lifestyle focus on dropping 1 dress first before the next
Set Time

  • Time is one of the biggest obstacles, we are all very busy so the key is to plan your week or day to fit in your training/exercise/active time – even if you start with 10 minutes a day – remember it is the compound effect.
  • Plan your meals, prep your food use my Shopping List Guide and Welcome Pack (available to my online coaching clients – click here for more information), remember no amount of training can outweigh bad nutrition so the first part of your health, fitness and wellbeing journey should be to learn about the right nutrition for you.

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