• We all need rewards perhaps small steps; it may be a new pair of shoes or sunglasses – just think if you have cut/reduced alcohol use those savings on something to reward yourself or even your loved one for supporting you
  • You have worked hard

Avoid Distractions

  • Don’t get distracted by what your friends or peers are doing, eating or drinking…. perhaps
  • Remember your goals, this is your journey, lunch with my friends who may have a burger is not going to distract me, I will ask for a naked burger with a superfood salad
  • My key tip is it is easier if you are sharing this journey with someone; your partner or your friend. Working together motivating each other helps every step of the way 🙂

Recognise YOUR Ability & Achievements

  • Be proud of every small change you implement as it’s a step closer to becoming a better you!
  • Whenever you start your journey, make notes and track your progress; pictures, measurements, even the changes you have made e.g. changing the tea with sugar and milk to green tea is something to be proud of, taking the stairs – remember it is a compound effect!


  • Most importantly; please enjoy the journey and do not just focus on the end goals.
  • Plan small milestones along the way and track your achievements.
  • Photos will help tremendously to track your journey –  clients cannot recognise themselves in JUST 90 days!

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