So whatever your goals are, you need to follow the plan to success. Doing what you have always done will get you the same results you have always got, to get different results you have got to do something different.

2. GOALS: start with your goals, first set out your long term goals then break them down into smaller weekly actions so it becomes more achievable actions towards your goals

3. WHERE TO START: start with your MIND; your mindset is your most powerful tool – achieving weight loss is not difficult, battling with your mind is! You have not onlt got to know what your goals are but WHY? Why are they so important to you, what is the result of not achieving your goals? Understanding your reasons why will help you focus your mind and then you are really really to begin your journey.

4. MOVE: start with the basics and ensure you are moving.. aim for 10,000 steps daily or 5,000 steps as a minimum that may require you getting up earlier to go for a morning walk or walking on your lunch break or go for a walk in the evening; whatever suits you. A great way of tracking your steps is using a FITBIT bit.ly/awesomefitbit or with a similar fitness band.

5. DON’T try to do everything all at once – DO make small changes weekly to the new you -WHY? This will enable sustainable change. Basically, if you are trying to cut carbs, cut sugar, exercise 6 times, run a million miles a week, eat salad like it is falling of the trees then you will struggle why… because not only is ti too much to soon but it is also not the right approach.

6. HABITS: learn to condition new habits starting with the basics e.g. week 1 drink 2-3 litres of water daily, week 2 increase step count to 5,000 steps minimum daily etc. Every week just try to add one positive change.

7. BAD HABITS: start of by reducing it first, e.g. go from 3 takeaways a week to 1. If reducing it doesn’t work at first and temptation is still too much, remove it… it will get easier remember 7 to 30 days!

8. FAT LOSS: understand and appreciate that fat loss is a structured process and should be done in a healthy controlled manner with structured diet and exercise plan. It is not a race and cannot and should not be rushed and done in any unhealthy or unsustainable manner.

9. EXERCISE: a training plan should change every 4 to 6 weeks, exercise is very important as lean muscle growth will help you lose weight.

10. PROGRESS: be sure to track your progress with lots of photos, body measurements and your weekly or bi-weekly weight (do not weigh in every day; if you must then be sure to take the average over the week as your weight can fluctuate daily).What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed!

11. NUTRITION: dieting does not mean eating chicken and broccoli daily, it is important to vary your foods to give your body a variety of nutrients.

12. CARBOHYDRATES: cutting carbohydrate food sources will have a short term weight loss affect, it is not advisable in the long term and in fact they are your friend if you chose the right sources and use them well.

13. CHEAT FOOD: don’t cut out all the foods you enjoy (crisps, chocolates, cake, burgers, pizza) whatever it is for you; just reduct it to a Saturday night meal or Sunday eve treat whatever works for you just plan in advance so it is not a daily thing.

14. FOCUS AND COMMIT: set yourself up to win, ensure you are ready and prepared. Pack your gym bag and food for the day ahead the night before so you and your mind is ready and prepared.

15. FEED YOUR GOALS; if you want to lose weight ensure you are in a calorie controlled deficit, if you want to gain weight ensure you are in a calorie controlled surplus.

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