• Skinny DOES NOT equal healthy and is definitely does not equal happy! Unless your goal is to be skinny which in turn means eating a low calorie diet to sustain, focus on getting strong and therefore you will get leaner as you build more muscle / muscle tone. Ladies, I have said before, you WILL NOT get massive or bulky I assure you… Lifting weights does not make you bulky, eating ‘too much – too many calories’ does! Anyone who has focussed on getting skinny, has not been happy when they got there…
  • Being strong is far more beneficial to our health and happiness than being skinny; being strong and toned helps; increase stamina and decrease diseases, improve your posture, improve your mental health by stress reduction and improved confidence and it helps to keep you more alert at work. There are NO DISADVANTAGES!
  • There is NO ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health and fitness, we are all unique so require different nutrition and exercise for our bodies and goals – our lifestyles, our work life, our physical activity, our eating behaviours etc are all very different as are our goals.
  • You DO NOT need to go to the gym to be fit and active, a lot of my clients work from home based Training Plans. Whatever suits your lifestyle.
  • JUST 30 minutes of exercise / activity a week will make a MASSIVE impact to your overall health and fitness; even if this is a power walk!
  • Walking, taking the stairs and standing are underestimated; PERIOD! Sitting down is the worst position we can be in for some of the reasons mentioned such as our muscle strength and posture.
  • Understanding nutrition is essential – nutrition is 80% of of the formula no no matter what your goal is.
  • WEIGHT loss is different to FAT loss – weight suggest scale weight – remember the scale weighs all of you including water so for this to be accurate and consistent your nutrient timing, water intake, sleep and scale weight reading need to be consistent. Your measurements are indicative of FAT loss! So, be sure to take measurements in addition to your scale weight.
  • All ‘ weight / fat loss diets’ have a common interest – they ALL create a calorie deficit but DO NOT teach people what they are doing…. hence causing the weight gain when they ‘finish the diet’. Don’t restrict ANY foods unless you really want to.
  • Calorie counting is NOT essential but understanding nutrition, foods thus calorie consumption IS essential to manage energy balance more on this at
  • Eating very low calories is extremely dangerous, especially in the long term – a calorie deficit should always be controlled with guidance from a trained professional
  • You should NEVER feel guilty about eating ANYTHING!!!! ALL food is to be enjoyed and is much more than just furl for our bodies.
  • There are no BAD foods! Just BAD portion control! A healthy relationship with food is important for everyone looking at foods as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘healthy’, ‘unhealthy’, ‘a sin’ etc if not a good relationship with food. Yes there are more NUTRITIOUS food than others 🙂
  • Carbs DO NOT make you FAT, no specific food or group makes you fat! As excess of anything makes you fat more at the links above.
  • Eating 400 calories at 6am is the same as eating 400 calories at 11:30pm
  • Food is ESSENTIAL to build muscle (muscle tone ladies!); yes ladies muscle tone is built through food 🙂
  • Building muscle takes a VERY long time!
  • Women WILL NOT get ‘bulky’ or ‘massive’ from weight training; I promise you! Eating too much of ANYTHING with make you bulky!
  • Abs are great but not all year round 🙂 I love my abs but do I keep them all year around, no? I am a woman who loves food and balance in life too.
  • Rest is important and ESSENTIAL to any Training Plan, your body builds muscle tone when rested.
  • Eating one burger (high calorie meal) WILL NOT make you fat just like one salad (low calorie meal) WILL NOT get you shredded.
  • Resistance Training will change your body shape; PERIOD!
  • Patience is a virtue, there are NO quick fixes; focus on following a structured plan that suits your lifestyle over a period of time, focus, dedicate, be patient and ENJOY the process!
  • With regards nutrition and exercise, eat the foods you love and do what you love and enjoy – just follow the right plans for your goals.
  • Love the journey and take lots of photos throughout (even for yourself) as you will regret that you didn’t after your transformation.

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