1. Train YOUR mind!
You need to start with your head first!

You have got to REALLY want this; I mean REALLY want this for it to work. Think about what YOU want and most importantly YOUR reason WHY?????

2. Define your goals
Refer to MAY’s Newsletter for help with this; be clear about what you want, when you want it by and most importantly WHY?

3. Eat PROTEIN in every meal
Ensure you are eating a high quality source of protein in every meal

4. Eat smaller portions
Use smaller plates (side plates perhaps) and try to eat 5/6 smaller meals rather than 1-3 big meals a day.

It will help you curb any cravings, reduce the size of your stomach and help to condition you to make healthier food choices.  

5. Keep it lean but tasty
Choose leaner cuts of meat and replace cream-based sauces with vegetable alternatives.

Use spices for flavour, keep it simple before starting to experiment.

6. Prepare to succeed
Plan your food and exercise plan for the week ahead!

Write a food shopping list, do your food shopping, plan your meals ahead, ensure you have the right foods and snacks to hand.

Plan when you can fit in some exercise to the week whether it is gym workouts or just walking more, taking the stairs at work, parking the car further away, an interval training session whatever works better for you just plan the time into your week.

7. Avoid YO-YO quick fix diets
Don’t look for a short term quick fix as you should look for a solution that is a long term healthy sustainable lifestyle.

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