I watched a programme called – HOW TO STAY YOUNG – on BBC 1 and I HIGHLY recommend you watch this if you care about your health, fitness and general wellbeing!

Some key points from the programme:

  • demonstrates the importance of lean muscle in EVERYONE (male and female of all ages) and how muscle becomes more important this is the older we get, hence resistance training is essential for everyone!
  • a recent study shows it takes 66 days to change a habit! So bare this in mind when you are starting a new Training Plan, Nutritional Plan etc
  • a lady saved 12 years of her ageing from JUST 12 WEEKS of exercise!
  • a man saved 15 years of his ageing in JUST 12 WEEKS of eating a better balanced diets of whole foods and exercising; he previously ate a diet of processed foods (and is a chef!)
  • a lady saved 7 years of year ageing and improved her brain function from 77/100 to 90/100 in JUST 12 WEEKS of exercising!!!
  • the importance of protein increases as we age!
  • HURRAH!! Calories in vs calories out; SIMPLES! They put a man on 1,000 calories a day (this is very low and should NEVER be done unsupervised!)
  • your brain function also ages as a result of low lean muscle and increasing body fat!
  • JUST 150 minutes of exercise a week makes a HUGE difference!
  • JUST 25 minutes a day of POWER WALKING can add 7 years to your LIFE!!!! Which is why I encourage my clients to POWER WALK! Yippee!
  • dancing is good for us all, shake your BOOT-TAY he he 🙂

PROGRESS is measured over 12 WEEKS!!!! That is why my Personalised Plans are all designed over a 12 WEEK period.

HOW TO STAY YOUNG – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b095gd8f

12 WEEKS is long enough to make a lot of changes in your life! 

Mo achieved an AMAZING transformation in JUST 12 WEEKS

What can I say simply blown away with the results and huge thank you for your support and guidance it’s been huge! Investing in my health and wellbeing has been the best investment I could have made. I always say how can anybody put a price on their health it’s just BONKERS in my eyes.I have learnt SO MUCH with regards health, fitness, exercise and nutrition and I have now conditioned good health and fitness habits thanks to you…Now to start my next phase of building lean muscle which I am super excited and about.

Mo J.”

Whether your goal is to get a little tighter, lose a few pounds, get more toned abs, get shredded or get an insane six pack washboard stomach; I promise you it all starts with your nutrition.

You need to be ensuring you body is in the right environment to create fat loss; a calorie controlled deficit, I have previously shared some information about understanding energy balance and ensuring a calorie controlled deficit which can be reviewed here:



I would love to help coach you towards your goals and educate you on how to sustain a healthier more active lifestyle to suit you. Working together, my coaching calls will teach you the process so this becomes a sustainable lifestyle change.

To confirm, all my Personalised Plans are 100% personalised to you, your body composition and your specific goals and most importantly your lifestyle.. taking into account your available time, travel, work commitments etc.

My mission is to ensure that I help you live a fitter, healthier and more active lifestyle in a way that it suits you… fitting into your lifestyle and most importantly that you enjoy! Doing what you love, you will not only do it more but you will sustain it as a lifestyle.

A bit more about working with me:


If you would like to review some recent transformation head to www.preafitness.com/transformations including Darren who reversed medical conditions in just 6 months through working online with me (Personalised Training and Nutritional Plan Elite Level).

Alternatively, you may want to consider my Lifestyle Breakthrough plan which is a 6 week plan designed to help you condition new habits more about this:


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