Firstly, remember holiday are a time for fun, relaxing and spending time with friends, family and loved ones. Holidays are not for ‘dieting’ or ‘FAT LOSS’ especially if it is the odd week away. However, if you are going for a longer period of time, or travelling here are some tips to help you keep on track your goals. 

Depending on your goal the amount of fuel (food is fuel) you will need will differ.

  • If you looking to lose weight/body fat, you will be in a controlled calorie deficit
  • If you are looking to maintain your current body composition; stay as you are, you will need to be in calorie maintenance
  • If you looking to gain weight/muscle, you will be in a controlled calorie surplus

Going on holiday is often where an excess of food and drink can often get the better of you resulting in an calorie surplus…… so here are MY tips on how to keep fit and healthy on holiday… staying on track 🙂

  1. Pack your training kit (before anything else ha!), even if thesis for walking and exploring the sights
  2. Keep active; take your training plan with you….
  3. Discover the area on foot or by bike; keeping active and sight seeing… you will see so much more!
  4. Take a skipping rope, also great to do in the sunshine 🙂
  5. If you have a hotel pool, make use of this… make it your routine to beat  your number of laps daily…. compete against YOU!!!!
  6. Join the hotel classes, most have yoga classes; take advantage of these
  7. If you are staying all inclusive…. guess what THAT IS AWESOME NEWS!! WHY???? Because you can eat little and often as you have food readily available 🙂 just ensure you keep to whole real foods meat/fish and veg or salad use a side plate as your portion size and limit the bread, crisps, cakes, croissants etc
  8. Control your alcohol – plan when you are drinking and drink wisely 🙂

MY TOP TIP; start as you mean to go on….

How you start your holiday will set the rest of your holiday, so if you start by eating everything at breakfast; cakes, bread, croissants, chips etc…  you’ll get a craving for the sugar and salt and go to these everyday….. if you go for salmon, eggs, rice, potatoes and salad and fruit, you will enjoy these and go for these everyday 🙂

Live life, have fun, keep active and enjoy all the foods you love in moderation 🙂

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Prea xx