Meal Planning – An Example Day for FAT LOSS:

6am: Wake up – black coffee or green tea

6:15am Morning walk for fresh air, listen to a book on the audible app or walk with loved ones or pets

7am: Breakfast – omelette (with peppers, onions and tomatoes) served with a slice of rye bread, a big hearty colourful salad and some blueberries

10am: Morning snack – apple slices with almond butter

1pm: Lunch – grilled chicken, steamed green vegetables with sweet potatoes

4pm: Afternoon snack – greek yoghurt with a little almond butter with berries

6pm: Gym session / home based circuit (optional)

7pm: Protein shake and a piece of fruit

8:30pm: Dinner – stir fry with chicken / beef / turkey / quorn and your favourite stir fry vegetables 

10:30/12pm – SLEEP – rest and recover with a good nights sleep

Remember the key is consistency, find what works for you and your lifestyle.

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Prea xx