Nutrition explained!!!

I have previously shared my TOP TIPS TO GET FIT AND HEALTHY (click here to review the article again) and I am regularly asked questions like….

  • Why is nutrition so important to achieving your goals?
  • So many messages out there, what is the truth about food?
  • Which diet is the right diet to follow?
  • I am consuming only 1,000 calories a day and not losing weight, why?
  • Which diet allows me to eat chocolate and drink wine?
  • It it best to cut diary to lose weight?
  • Is fat what makes you fat

… and so many more, in fact it is the most popular topic I am contacted about and rightly so as it is the most important part….. you heard that say no amount of exercise will outweigh a bad diet??

Nutrition is 80% of the formula to achieving the results you are looking for whether you are looking to:

  • lose a bit of excess weight
  • lose a lot of weight
  • gain weight
  • gain muscle
  • get shredded
  • get into stage condition
  • …whatever your goal is, your Nutrition needs to be addressed

For example, if weight / fat loss is your goal it is not about eating less in fact I educate my clients to EAT MORE! YES I SAID EAT MORE!!!!!

What is key is 80-90% of the foods you are eating; are good NATURAL whole food that are DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS! Then 10-20% of the time allow for other things.


Nutrition Planning / Tracking – where to start???

Firstly, know your goals and be very specific… the more specific the better – start with the end in mind and work backwards to break it down into manageable steps.

E.g. I want to lose 11 lbs in 12 week is a specific goal and then you could break this down further by aiming for 1 lb / week over the 12 weeks.

Secondly, now picture the physique you are aiming for.

E.g. is it a lean toned physique which required muscle to have the muscle definition or is it a slimmer physique so just focussing on weight loss.

Finally, have a structured plan to follow to get the results you are looking for.

E.g. there needs to be a structured journey to follow so referring to the example above to: I want to lose 11 lbs in 12 week is a specific goal and then you could break this down further by aiming for 1 lb / week over the 12 weeks. A plan needs to be structured to slowly increase a calorie controlled deficit for your body to make changes this is structured through the right Nutritional Planning and Training Plan.


So Nutrition, where to start…

So first things first….

QUESTION: What is a calorie deficit?

ANSWER: This is where your body is consuming less than you are expending; in other words you are eating fewer calories then you are burning…

If you consume less than you burn –  you will lose weight / fat!

if you eat more then you burn you –  will gain muscle / weight!

So now we understand a calorie deficit this is why diets work!!!

Whatever the latest FAD may be… GUESS WHAT they ALL YES ALL create a calorie deficit by restricting something whether it is fat, sugar, carbs, carbs after 6pm, carbs after 11am juicing etc….

HOWEVER, you should do something that is sustainable for a lifetime otherwise once you finish the ‘DIET’ you are likely to put the weight back on.


What I teach is FLEXIBLE DIETING which means you can eat ALL foods; yes ALL FOODS no carb restriction, no sugar restriction, no fat restrictions… everything is based on your individual body, your goals, your lifestyle … so this becomes a sustainable lifestyle change 🙂

1) LEVEL 1- If your goal is to lose a few of pounds / lbs, you are not overly too concerned about looking a certain way, you just want to be fit and healthy and lose a little excess weight you have gained or perhaps drop a bit before the summer holiday then these are the steps for you:

  • Create a calorie controlled deficit; if you are not in a calorie deficit you will not lose weight; simples! This needs to be adjusted throughout a period of 12-20 weeks.
  • Ensure you are consuming enough protein; ideally with each main meal
  • Be consistent daily; being in a calorie controlled deficit Monday to Thursday then having a blowout Friday to Sunday will potentially create a calorie surplus (over the week) rather than the calorie controlled deficit you are aiming for!
  • Keep is simple to start – a calorie controlled deficit will create a weight loss just like a calorie controlled surplus will create a weight gain; simples!

2) LEVEL 2 – You have a specific date in mind, e.g. a holiday and you want that poster beach body

  • Start a calorie controlled diet; starting with a slight deficit then steadily adapting depending on how your body changes,
  • Ensure at least 25% of your calories come from protein sources then ensure you have carbohydrates and fats in your diet.
  • Expect things to get tighter towards your end date, aiming to see progress weekly and measurements and photos will help with this.
  • Make sensible choices when eating out and guesstimate the calories, depending on how lean you are looking to get it is best to avoid eating out in the final weeks for best results.

3) LEVEL 3 – You want to look like a fitness model

  • Calories and food groups need to be very specific and tracked accuratley for stage condition.
  • You will need to look at nutrient timing closer.
  • You will need to pre plan meals and days and be very organised and obsessed!
  • Sociable eating will be minimal, you will need to track ALL your greens too!
  • You will be hungry then VERY hungry then HANGRY!!!

So what LEVEL are YOU and how can I help?

If you are LEVEL 1 then my Lifestyle Breakthrough Plan would be a good starting point for you to help you with Nutritional Planning, Home Training and conditioning new habits which I teach you weekly to ensure this becomes a Lifestyle change –

If you are LEVEL 2 my Personalised Plans would suit you best where you will be coached by me personally and learn the process so that this becomes a sustainable lifestyle change; I have no spaces to join until next week; enquiries are welcome –

If you are a LEVEL 3 this is my Bespoke Plan so I would advise you email me –

So how do I eat the CAKE??????

So if you follow this process and chose to eat cake while maintaining a calorie controlled deficit… bingo!

The point is if your allowance is

  • 1500 calories a day then consuming a 600 calorie cake only leaves you 900 for the rest of the day…
  • 4000 calories a day then a 600 calorie cake will still leave you 3400 calories for the rest of the day….
  • Unfortunately we have to live with the cards we are delt with to the calories for our goals….

PS, pictured above was my protein pancakes (recipe) topped with Ice Cream  and blueberries – it was delicious – in case your wondering this was just 522 calories of yummyiness!

PPS, pictured on the right were some crepes with everything; Nutella, Oreo, Ferrero Roche, everything else chocolate based ha ha then topped with ice cream; heavenly! If you love chocolate like me!

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