Discover the BIGGEST SECRETS to achieving health and fitness success

THE BIG SECRET #1: consistency is key to achieving any results you are looking for; doing something repeatedly so it becomes a conditioned habit like brushing your teeth – it takes 7 to 30 days to change a habit

THE BIG SECRET #2: strength training is your best friend no matter what your goal is; if you want to lose weight, gain weight, tone up, build muscle…. the secret is strength training! Ladies you will not get bulky; it takes so much so build muscle for us women, trust me!

THE BIG SECRET #3: hIgh intensity cardio (HIIT) / conditioning circuits are also your friend if your goal is to improve fitness or lose weight

THE BIG SECRET #4: green veg is your best friend; green veg is simply just awesome!

THE BIG SECRET #5: water is also your best friend as water does more for your body then you can imagine including maintaining regular body temperature, metabolising body fat, helps digestion, flushes out toxins, lubricates and supports organs and much more. Aim for 2-3L a day.

AIM: aim for improvement not perfection

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