The simple truth to losing weight…… is to eat a balanced diet / nutrition plan and regular exercise / keep moving, SIMPLE.

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This will become a sustainable lifestyle change and achieve far more than a fortnight of drinking juice, cutting calories, eating bran flakes, sipping cabbage soup, the fruit diet or whatever the latest thing is.

8. Shake up your Training Plan
If you do the same thing over and over again eventually you will plateau as the body is very clever and will learn to store what fuel it needs for what you do.

You have to keep on ‘SHOCKING’ your body by phasing / changing your training plan.

9. Get a training buddy
Training with your friend or partner will be much more fun and more motivational than training alone; make it a hobby something you share together and encourage each other to do.

MAKE IT FUN rather than a ‘must do’ chore.

10. Music
Take some good music when you are training, exercising, being active.

11. SLEEP!
It has been proven that those who sleep 8 hours lose more weight than those who sleep 6 hours

So, try to get more rest even if that means less TV, cutting EastEnders or Geordie Shore; it is a good thing to rest and let your body recover and your brain recharge.

If you are serious about your goals, YOU need to take action and plan the journey to YOUR goals.

Only start YOUR journey when YOU are really, I mean really committed to being the best you that YOU can be!

I could give YOU all the education required about food, exercise and supplements, only YOU can take action and implement what I teach YOU!


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