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I have spent a number of years, working as Personal Trainer (both online and offline), Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, and have been successful in helping hundreds of people, of both sexes, varying ages and from all walks of life, achieve their goals – people just like you.

I have helped and supported people to achieve weight loss, increase energy and vitality, build muscle, tone and condition their body, live a healthy lifestyle, train for sport-specific goals (such as Marathon Training), or to simply be in the best shape for their life, perhaps for a special occasion such as a wedding.

Specialising in Lifestyle Coaching (not just fitness and nutrition), I don’t only help people to ‘become’ fit and healthy, I help them discover how to ‘sustain’ it for a lifetime – so no more ‘yo yo’ results, no more New Year’s resolutions that last a couple of weeks and are then forgotten, but rather lasting change and a better quality of lifestyle and living forever.

I also write bespoke plans all to suit you including gym based training, home based training, race training plans and at all levels from absolute beginner (never exercised before) to advanced level (I am preparing for a photo shoot).

My personal journey

My own personal experience of numerous events including:

  • 10Ks – with a PB (personal best) of 40 minutes
  • Half Marathons – with a PB of 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Marathons – with a PB of 3 hours and 38 minutes
  • Other extreme fitness races such as Total Warrior and Series Major
  • Fitness Body Building Competitions: MiamiPro – Bikini Fitness and Fashion Show (Oct 2016) and WBFF – World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion Show (Nov 2016 – placed in Diva Fitness).

Fitness Body Building Competitions:

  • MiamiPro – Bikini Fitness and Fashion Show (Oct 2016)
  • WBFF – World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion Show (Nov 2016 – placed in Diva Fitness).

Coaching Services

In order to help even more people, I provide help, support, coaching and expertise online and over the phone, developing Personalised Coaching, Training and Nutritional Plans to help you achieve your goals.

My Training Plans include video demonstrations so you learn correct posture and technique to perform and execute each exercise correctly avoiding and discomfort or injury. With an easy to use Mobile App to record and track progress invaluable for maintaining motivation and feelings of efficacy.

Click here for more information on my Coaching Services that can help you achieve your goals and teach you how to maintain your goals for a lifetime.

Why work with me

In addition to my  Personalised Training and Nutritional Plans to achieve your goals, I also educate you with everything along the way so they you can adopt this as a sustainable lifestyle and teach it to your family, your kids… generations to come!

This is the greatest asset; learning why and understanding how in the simplest way possible.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to health, fitness, vitality and wellbeing.

Email me: prea@preafitness.com

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3 days ago

Prea Fitness

#mondaymotivation for FAT LOSS 🙋🏽‍♀️
How to get rid of fat / belly fat / any body fat... Consistently be in a calorie deficit 👏🏾 💁🏽‍♀️ with a plan 👏🏾
You can’t choose where your body decides to burn fat (spot reduce) from first. You also can’t exercise one body part i.e. your stomach by doing endless crunches 🙄 and expect to lose fat in that area 😆
There are different ways to create a calorie deficit.
1. Consume less - for instance if your body burns 2000 calories per day but you only eat 1500, you have created a 500 calorie deficit. When chasing fat loss, your main aim is to be in a significant calorie deficit across the entire week. In order to lose 1 pound you need to burn 3500 more calories then what you take in. 500 calories less across 7days is your 1 pound per week fat loss.
2. Start exercising FULL BODY. Increasing your output is going to use more energy. If your body burns 2000 calories per day, then you exercise and burn a further 500 calories. You are creating the deficit needed to elicit fat loss. However, like with anything only do the exercise you love as you will do it more!!
3. Combination of both consuming less and increasing your output. If you didn’t fancy burning 500 calories you can do a mixture of eating just a little bit less (250 calories) and exercising a bit more (burn 250 calories).
You may be surprised that the simple act of walking can be enough to lose weight when you’re creating a consistent calorie deficit. Think about getting more active with friends, family and loved ones in the ☀️. Even if you’re a regular exerciser upping your daily step count increases your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). So get those daily steps in! Aim for 10,000 per day.
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