Learn how I balance life yet keep fit, healthy, active and have a lot of fun on holiday. I have previously shared my advice about Holiday Planning which you can review here:



  • Always review your breakfast / meal options for all meals before diving in head first he he.
  • Starting your day as you mean to go on (reviewing the food options / planning) this will soon become a subconscious good habit.
  • Often you will be surrounded by A LOT of food options at the hotel buffet which you are tempted by…. if so, plan your options allowing for variety daily e.g. one day go for the eggs / omelette option another day go for the greek yoghurt and fruit… that way you can work your way around the buffet without overeating daily.

My Top Breakfast options:

  • Omelettes – packed with loads of veggies and herbs or spices (as I love flavour and chilli) is by far my favourite hotel breakfast.
  • Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit like melons and berries – the yoghurt will provide with some protein which will keep you fuller for longer.
  • English brekkie – I go for the eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and wholemeal toast – the key is portion control.


  • Start each meal with a glass or water to hydrate and a salad to pre-fill your stomach with lower calorie foods.
  • Try to opt for lean cuts of meat / fish and vegetables / salad.
  • If it is not on the menu.. ASK! You are the customer, most restaurants will accommodate you and your requirements so don’t feel like you have to have ‘exactly’ what is on the menu.
  • Ask for all sauces on the side!
  • Limit courses to 2 courses over 3; don’t feel you need to have 3 courses because you are eating out… all the calories add up.
  • Drink water before your meal and after your meal, it fills the same place; your stomach!
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food…. chew your food and enjoy the taste and flavours. Allow your hunger hormone (leptin) to tell you your full by taking your time.
  • Remember you can’t get a refund on calories consumed he he!


  • Pack your training kit (before anything else ha!), this can be used for the gym, for walking, for biking…. if you don’t take appropriate attire it will be a reason to be inactive!
  • Walk more, sight see, get a bike… you are away… explore your surroundings!
  • If you have a hotel gym great, even 2 or 3 30-40min gym sessions in a week are more than enough but not essential during a holiday!
  • If you are enjoying a sunbathing holiday, make the most of the hotel pool and swim, perhaps create a competition with yourself either adding and extra 2 lengths daily or timing yourself to work on your pace over the week 🙂
  • Take a skipping rope, also great to do in the sunshine 🙂
  • Join the hotel classes, most have yoga classes some in the sun…. on the beach; take advantage of these!
  • Take the hotel stairs rather than the lift or at least from time to time!
  • It is all about moving, do what you enjoy… just keep your body moving 🙂



Remember water is an essential part of all of us and something you should be even more aware of when away in a hot country and if you are consuming alcohol.

So here are some ways to ensure you are keeping hydrated easily:

  • Start your morning with a glass of water.
  • Have a glass of water before and after EVERY meal.
  • Every time you are near a water station grab some more water.
  • When you are ordering the drinks at the bar, grab a round of water too, your friends / family will thank you in the morning…. keep hydrated!


On holiday we ALL love some cocktails or cakes or burgers or ice cream or beer….. whatever it is, the key word here should be OR?

Make smarter decisions but DO include the ‘thing’ you really want. Just remember that calories count and can soon rack up…. so chose THE high calorie snack, meal or drink you really want each day but avoid having it all every day…..

So for example,

  • If you are choosing to drink alcohol then maker smarter food choices with lean meats / fish salads etc.
  • If you want the burger and chips then have that as a day of the alcohol.
  • If you want the chocolate cake (like me) or ice cream then again go for the lean meat / fish and salad for your meal.

Life is about balance, everything I teach you is to help you balance… everything in moderation 🙂


My article last month was all about alcohol which you can review at


So as a recap be mindful of what you are drinking, alcohol can soon rack up your calories VERY quickly!

Here is a quick recap of my alcohol tips:

  • DRINKS: chose your drinks wisely: spirits and low calorie mixer are the best option as they contain the least calories (e.g. vodka and soda, gin and slim tonic)
  • PLANNING: plan your social drinking event: plan specific dates you chose to drink rather than make ita regular thing… e.g a special night out, or on holiday chose 3,4 days out of 7 – thus limiting your alcohol consumption
  • THINK: plan your calories making space for alcohol consumption by reducing your intake of carbs and fats on that day and possibly the day after
  • ENJOY: balance and flexibility are key to success in your diet and you shouldn’t restrict yourself from having fun and being social!
  • Everything in moderation, life is about balance… when you learn how to moderate and balance you will achieve your goals.



Holidays are for resting, a break from our hectic lives so be sure to use this time to rest and recover

Whilst some people take their holidays as a chance to catch up on sleep, others stay out late enjoying the nightlife but also get up early to fit in a full day of sightseeing, activities and sunbathing.

Just be sure to allow yourself time to rest and recover.


Remember why you are on holiday, focus on the people around you and having fun.

Life is precious, time is valuable, enjoy and appreciate your life, what you have and those around you!

Look after yourself, your health is your wealth and as long as you learn to live an active life by moving, walking, exploring and be aware of what you are consuming by food and drink you will live what I call a healthy active lifestyle 🙂



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Prea xx